The 5 Ds

A proven, adaptable process to take you from idea to launch



The Fivable process starts with an exchange between our team and yours to establish a clear understanding of your needs. We draft a formal proposal which includes delivery dates, payment schedules, and a firm budget.

Once the proposal has been approved and the initial deposit has been made, we dive into the discovery phase. This is the foundation of every great website, app, or system integration we’ve delivered.

During discovery we ask a lot of questions that zero in on how your needs will best be met, taking into account your audience demographics, current systems, and the like.



After discovery, we enter the definition phase. Here, we define the problems we’re going to help you solve, and the solutions best suited to them.

During this phase, initial user interface designs and concepts will be delivered and functional specifications will be finalized.



Based on the definitions, we design the user experience for the project. This means building user interfaces, applying brand colors and typography, designing interactions, and generating creative assets tailored to your audience (or audiences) and your desired outcomes.



Once the designs have been ratified, production and development begin. This starts with answering questions of scalability and deciding which platform best suits the project. Then our developers begin work to bring the prototypes to life.

Toward the end of the development phase, quality assurance analysts, clients, and specifically-identified end-users begin interacting with the site or app to identify and report any issues. As they are found, we’ll classify them against original specifications as bugs or feature requests. Bugs will be fixed prior to deploying the project. Urgent feature requests will be collected into change orders (if, for example, they weren’t must-have features at the beginning of the project, but the situation has changed) or, if they can wait, into a specifications document for future upgrades.



Before launch, we will make sure you’re well-trained and fully oriented to your new toolset. When quality assurance is complete, we deploy your website / web app / LMS / e-commerce system.

You’ll have our full support before, during, and after launch to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Quick-start Discovery Overview

Tell us about yourself and what you hope to achieve, and we’ll give you a customized, ready-to-use PDF that’ll give you a jump on your next project.